What Should We Actually Be Eating?

Diet. We’re constantly being told what we should eat or avoid to maintain good health. There are fads, of which some stay and some go. Whether it be a certain food or special diet, we’re always seeking something new to hype over.

Of course there’s ethical, religious or genuine health reasons behind some special diets, but then there’s those who chose something as a “quick fix” to achieve a weightloss goal or to fit in with “the trend”. But are these choices sustainable? If not why?

Red Bull X-Fighters 15th Anniversary to be Celebrated with Spanish Spectacle

The world’s best Freestyle Motorcross (FMX) riders will converge on the great Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid for an extravagant Red Bull X-Fighters event on 24th June to celebrate 15 years of the FMX competition being hosted in the Spanish capital city. As much of the show is a celebration of FMX, it will also be a battle between three consecutive Madrid winner Tom Pagès and previous champions such as Clinton Moore and Dany Torres to secure that record win for four years straight. Red Bull X-Fighters is the world’s most prestigious FMX competition where invited riders perform gravity-defying tricks off their motorcycles in midair reaching up to 30 metres in distance and 15 metres in height.

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What We Take for Granted

After a week of wondering how to approach this post, I’m finally writing this truly from my heart. There are so many daily activities or key parts of our day where it’s normal or common for us in the UK and many parts of the world. Do we take the time to stop, think and scrutinise every opportunity that we come across each day? This is acknowledging what we eat for our three plus meals a day, purchasing technology that assist us with daily duties and even more so, freedom. Continue reading