On The Playlist… Week of 27th March

I thought I was going to be back to my online world by now, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened. My iPhone is still unusable and it’s driving me crazy now. I’m unable to keep up to date via social media and I’m just about managing with my emails and current affairs. Being more offline has made me realise how enticed we are by technology but also how much we rely on it to go about our daily business. Read more

On The Playlist… Week of 20th March

This week’s playlist is a little different. My iPhone decided it could no handle all of the food, fitness and music that I encounter in my life. I’m now depending on my thing of a past… My Apple iPod Classic. It’s a time hop back before music streaming was a norm and to a period where physical CD’s and online purchasing through the iTunes Store was the way to upload records to your Apple device.

This incident provides the best of both worlds. Yes I don’t have all of the new music that’s been released or of the genres where I only like one or two songs from one particular artist, but I’ve been rekindled with my actual music taste. The riffs, the melodic pop punk beats and the absolute cheesy tunes you’ll classify as guilty pleasures. It’s time to go back in time!

Download Festival 2016: My Weekend Highlights

Download Festival Main Stage. Photo credit: Kennerdeigh Scott

Download 2016 might as well be called Brownload or Drownload after the state the festival site was in following the torential downpour Friday through to Sunday. Nonetheless the “UK’s premier rock festival” delivered some of the biggest and newest names in the alternative music scene.

Personally, the lineup collectively wasn’t as strong as previous years however it did mean that I got to explore new bands. These are my highlights from the course of the weekend.. Continue reading