What Does 5 A Day Mean?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend eating a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day to help lower the risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Based on this advice, the UK Government recommends at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetable intake per day. Unfortunately, only 26% of adults ate the recommended 5 or more portions of fruit or vegetables a day in 2015.

Why 5 a day?

What You Need To Know About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to help us maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Believe it or not vitamin D mostly comes from the sunshine, not food, hence why vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” Our skin is where we make this vitamin so skin exposure to sunlight is important. Vitamin D deficiency is very common, especially during the winter months however there are increasing numbers of people who don’t get enough vitamin throughout the year. So how should we keep our levels sufficient?

What Should We Actually Be Eating?

Diet. We’re constantly being told what we should eat or avoid to maintain good health. There are fads, of which some stay and some go. Whether it be a certain food or special diet, we’re always seeking something new to hype over.

Of course there’s ethical, religious or genuine health reasons behind some special diets, but then there’s those who chose something as a “quick fix” to achieve a weightloss goal or to fit in with “the trend”. But are these choices sustainable? If not why?

An Evening with Runners Need: Adidas Pure Boost X Review

With so many running shoes on the market today, how do we genuinely know which product is the perfect pair for us? We try them on in store and they feel great. We then take them out on a casual run. The shoes turn out to be not so great. Well, Adidas have teamed up with retail stores around London to offer a trial of their Pure Boost X trainers for workouts and runs.  So, how do the Pure Boost fair?

GymCube LIVE x Reebok

Already the sponsors of CrossFit, it’s evident that Reebok have the initiative to make their stand in the competitive sports market. Now they’ve partnered with a brand new online training platform, GymCube.

With thousands of on-demand exercise and recipe videos curated by some of the UK’s best master fitness instructors alongside expert nutritional guidance, GymCube is a subscription service perfect for anyone and everyone. Continue reading