On The Playlist… Week of 27th March

I thought I was going to be back to my online world by now, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened. My iPhone is still unusable and it’s driving me crazy now. I’m unable to keep up to date via social media and I’m just about managing with my emails and current affairs. Being more offline has made me realise how enticed we are by technology but also how much we rely on it to go about our daily business.

Blog writing has therefore taken a step back, hence this late posting. Fitting a full-time job with my busy schedule then trying to prioritise time in the evening to log onto my Mac is too exhausting. Luckily I’m able to find some free time in my diary instead, in the interim.

I love to keep up to date with my music via a certain global streaming app and all I can do right now is listen to throwbacks on my iPod. One of the plus sides that I repeat to myself is that I keep finding ‘’lost tunes’’. These are songs which I absolutely loved when I initially heard them and would have them on repeat. I’ve also found myself listening to music to and from work again, whereas previously I’d sit or stand in silence and being an observer on my commute.

  1. Aviici- Sillouettes
  2. Disclosure- White Noise ft. Aluna George
  3. Taking Back Sunday – Liar
  4. Damien Rice- Cannonball
  5. Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman
  6. 3OH!3- Colorado Sunrise
  7. Porter Robinson- Language
  8. Florence + The Machine – Spectrum
  9. Swedish House Mafia – One
  10. Architects- Day In Day Out


Who else likes to toe tap or nod their heads when they have music on? I feel as if it’s an exclusive club judging by the looks I get on public transport.

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