My Health and Fitness Goals for 2017

It’s a new year, time for a new me blah blah blah. Actually, it’s time to round yourself more to become a better you. Now is the perfect time to set yourself new goals, especially as it’s a new season within many disciplines. I firmly believe that by setting goals, you are working towards something that’s greater. 

For example, you want to lose 5KG by the end of February. That’s a lifestyle journey. It’s about positively changing your diet and maintaining that pattern, whether that includes an exercise routine to aid you towards your goal. For the majority of people, this is easier said than done. So then there’s the psychological aspect too. Having motivation or social and peer support to continue with your focus.

It’s proven that for a new habit to stick with us, it takes 66 days for our brains to programme these changes. That’s just over two months out of 12 that we should try something new. You never know, Summer you may still be adhering to those positive changes you made at the beginning of 2017. Patience is a virtue.
I’ve set myself goals this year which I hope I will achieve. My biggest challenge is to be able to maintain that mindset for the rest of the year!

1. To run my first half marathon
It’s been 2 years since I said to myself, let’s do a half marathon. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I had a shoulder injury that just wouldn’t budge and that led me to mid 2016. Now I’m back running and doing resistance training, I feel ready to take on this challenge!  I’ve given myself until May to get this half under my belt.

2. Stretch more!

I’m probably the worst person when it comes to stretching. I don’t do enough of it and it’s really evident when I try. It’s quite embarrassing! The last thing I want to happen is to be on the sidelines AGAIN with an injury. I’ve learnt that I have to look after my body, give it love and in turn my body will look after me.

3. Focus on mobility

Pretty much linked with stretching, to increase muscle flexibility and enhance joint range of motion. Whether this is doing foam rolling or active exercises, I definitely know this is an aspect of training I need to include to become a stronger athlete.

4. Drink more water

Again, another aspect of my life I’m really bad at. If I manage 1 litre most days, that’s an achievement for me. I definitely feel it on a daily basis and I need to drink at least 2 litres a day.


What are your health and fitness goals for 2017?

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