Life Is Too Beautiful To Throw It All Away


Through our daily living, we face decisions no matter how big or small. Actions and consequences are subjects of matter which we all should understand. Well, you would think and hope so. Too many life destructing events are already occurring locally and worldwide such as war and illnesses.

I’ve been inspired to speak my mind after witnessing an event which the actions and consequences of an individual over the August Bank Holiday weekend which resulted in tragedy. I’m certified to carry out basic life support, however this was definitely not going to save a life this time round. Why? One teenager stumbled out of a music tent whilst his friend tried to assist him to stand up. The next thing, a series of events occurred. Event staff came over to the scene and tried to provide assistance. That was it, I walked away.


Now, I didn’t think any more of this until the next day. Why? My friend showed me a news article reporting on a death of a teenager at the event I was attending. How? Drug misuse. The description matched the young man I’d seen the previous day. So how does this all relate back to this post? His actions caused devastating consequences for his family and friends. Who knows what his thoughts were when deciding to take the pills. But the fact that individuals who may/will use drugs take the stance of “oh people do it all the time so I should be fine” is compelling. Yes you do have a chance that you’ll experience the highs and lows a substance will offer, but also death.

Intoxicating substances such as alcohol and drugs are things we don’t need in life. We mainly choose to have these as a way of having fun with friends in social situations. I admit I sometimes have a drink, or few, when meeting with friends, however I know that isn’t required. I also know the complications if I drink too much in the short term, and the long term effects alcohol can cause to my body. The same with drugs, hence why I steer clear from these.

We only have one life. Fulfil your dreams and ambitions. Love your family and friends. Love your body and mind. But most importantly, love yourself. Life is too beautiful and precious just to throw it all away. With every decision you make, make sure it’s all for positive outcomes.

You have one shot at life, so give it all you’ve got.
The Nutty Noodle

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