An Evening with Runners Need: Adidas Pure Boost X Review

With so many running shoes on the market today, how do we genuinely know which product is the perfect pair for us? We try them on in store and they feel great. We then take them out on a casual run. The shoes turn out to be not so great. Well, Adidas have teamed up with retail stores around London to offer a trial of their Pure Boost X trainers for workouts and runs. 

I signed myself up to the Runners Need collaboration which had fun and sweat written all over it. The evening started at 1Rebel in Broadgate Circle. Now this is a fitness boutique I’ve been longing to visit. A hectic work schedule at the hospital didn’t really fit with the timetable of the “King of Gyms”, plus I took time out from HIIT classes due to injury.

With my trial pair of Adidas Pure Boost X laced up, I was ready to hit the Reshape class. Think of a dark room with treadmills and floor space for resistance exercises. My first impressions of the Pure Boost X were a stylish, light weight running shoe with a funky floating arch. This is so the shoe molds to your foot for a more comfortable fit.

We rowed, crunched and sprinted our way through the class. I have to admit it was a tough class with 1Rebel Master Trainer Melissa Weldon, however I was surprised at the reps and speeds I pushed myself to. I sprinted so fast that my legs were aching by the end of the class. Not to mention we still had a 3KM run to complete! Nothing a few stretches and catch up with friends couldn’t fix though.

Photo: Jake Davis for Here & Now

Still on fire from the Reshape class, the run with Adrienne was no struggle. We took to the streets of the City to give the Adidas Pure Boost X their verdict. Initially the trainers felt fantastic. However as the pace and distance increased, my opinion on the shoes changed. Why? I could start to feel discomfort under my arch. This is something that I notice when shoes aren’t supportive enough for my over pronative feet. Furthermore, the lack of cushioning around the heel was a personal bother as I could feel the shoe digging into my skin.

Overall, the Pure Boost X were comfortable as a training shoe however for me they were not be most suitable pair of trainers to go running in. Which frankly defeats the purpose of the footwear as it is predominately a running shoe. It’s events like these that I am thankful and grateful for. Yes it’s brand promotion but ultimately it gives consumers the opportunity to test out a product before forking out £100+ on a pair of shoes that may never see daylight after one wear.

Photo: Jake Davis for Here & Now


Thank you to Runners Need, Adidas and 1Rebel for being fantastic hosts and organising a fun evening for us to enjoy!

The Nutty Noodle

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