Travel: Food in the Air

Whilst travelling, onboard food can be be hit or miss. I’ve had my fair share of nightmare meals over the years, which I’m sure you’ve experienced too. There’s science behind as to why certain meals are curated and what catering services do to enchance our in-flight meal experiences.

When we reaching a crusing height of 30,000ft, our sense of taste and smell start to dissipate. Cabin pressure, low water moisture and white noise from the aircraft are all factors that can affect our perception of taste. So once we are in the air, food and drink starts to taste different than when we are on the ground. One thing that the catering services do is add more salt, sugar and seasonings to your meal.

I’ve been ordering special meals for a few years and apart from the odd silken tofu dessert from Cathay Pacific, nothing stands out. Until now. Recently I flew to and from Kuala Lumpur with Emirates, who seem like a great airline when choosing their vegan meals. Or maybe it’s just coincidence. I’d like to think the former. Of the featured meals below, the cooked breakfast and ravioli were my highlights.

Cooked breakfast with fruit and bread
Ravioli in tomato sauce, hummus with dolmades and salad, oranges with grapefruit and bread
Fresh fruit platter

What are you best and worst experiences when it comes to airline food? I’d love to hear your views!

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