GymCube LIVE x Reebok

Already the sponsors of CrossFit, it’s evident that Reebok have the initiative to make their stand in the competitive sports market. Now they’ve partnered with a brand new online training platform, GymCube.

With thousands of on-demand exercise and recipe videos curated by some of the UK’s best master fitness instructors alongside expert nutritional guidance, GymCube is a subscription service perfect for anyone and everyone.


To celebrate the launch of the service, I attended GymCube Live at Reebok FitHub Kings Road where I got to find out more about the workouts GymCube offer. A free event for all to attend, it was great to be in an environment with fitness enthusiasts, like me, who maybe new to certain exercises.

I’m always keen to participate at yoga when the opportunity is there! What better than the evening’s event kicking off with YogaFit taught by Lindsay Jay. A taster session of Lindsay’s practice was enough for me to feel stretched. The space within the Reebok FitHub store was obviously too small to meet the demand of mats available. However the organisers were adaptable and shuffled the schedule around to accommodate for another YogaFit session. Amazing or what?!

Ben Coomber, a GymCube nutritionist, then participated in a Q&A session about anything and everything we wanted to know. Interesting points that were touched on were how to gradually increase calorie intake safely, how to maintain muscle and more importantly, Ben made a point of “eat what makes you happy”. This does not mean eating cake everyday! Ben elaborates that if eating a bowl of oats and eggs pre-workout provides energy for you then stick with that. If however you become lethargic and sluggish, either reduce your portion size or don’t have oats and eggs pre-workout but to have something else instead, maybe it’s eggs with avocado and salmon that provides your workout fuel where you can perform to your optimum. I completely agree with Ben, as everyone is different. Not only can exercises for one person may not be suitable for another person, the same principle applies to food also!

Following this invaluable Q&A session with Ben, I gave MMAX a try. Until the launch event, I had no idea what that type of workout was. But I do now. A combination of traditional HIIT workouts with elements of mixed martial arts, MMAX is completely exclusive to GymCube. A 15-minute MMAX workout with Pierre Pozzuto was enough to get me sweating! It’s definitely a workout I want to be doing again in the near future!

The next time you’re short on time to go to the gym/class, travelling away or maybe you already prefer to workout from home, GymCube is for you. Actually, GymCube currently have a 7-day free weight loss plan! Perfect to help you kick start your fitness regime. Head over to GymCube now and sign up.

I can’t wait to trial GymCube and see what the online platform has to offer!

The Nutty Noodle

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