You, Your Mind and Time

I was so pumped to be writing more REGULAR content on my blog, until life got in the way. You may be thinking yes, life does get in the way which means we don’t achieve what we want to achieve, but eventually we find the time to do it. I do believe in this, but let me elaborate.

After coming back from a fabulous 2 and a bit weeks in Asia at the end of March/April, I had really cool things that I seen on my travels and had experienced. One of which I have already shared- read all about my experience and thoughts about meeting a Long Neck tribe here.

Other than that, I’ve made lots of drafts about everything else from my holiday. I’ve just not found the time to finish off writing them. The same goes for my now irregular Instagram posting. When I say that I haven’t found time, I’m genuinely being honest.

So many of you know that I work in healthcare, so I work an array of shift patterns of which are 12.5 hours long day or night. Usually, I can have a life with just my work schedule. But when a ton of bricks land on you, it’s virtually impossible. I’ve recently moved house so I spent a good month sorting out my move on my days off work. Followed by coping with university applications. Hello stress central! Where’s that time I usually reserve for myself in between all of this?

I haven’t been able to wind down and have me time, see my friends or travel home to Manchester. It’s literally been like the final months of university, where you’re consumed by work and deadlines. Yes I’m setting my priorities but then what about my mental wellbeing? It’s actually no surprise that there’s a rise in young adults experiencing mental breakdowns. Being overwhelmed by life events is obviously difficult but when we have added pressure on top, sometimes that’s all that’s needed for us to crack. As a healthcare professional, I see too many young people with so much potential hit rock bottom. It’s really heartbreaking as some patients are round about my age, which makes me think “this could be me”. It’s honestly a dark place just by thinking about it.

Blog writing for me requires me to be relaxed and focused in order to produce a post that I’m happy to share online. In the midst of a hectic month, this has been impossible. Now that I’ve moved house, there’s one pressure ticked off my list. Now I’m tackling my applications before deadlines approach.

Time management for some people is an absolute gift. They’re Kings and Queens at it, which I envy. But for others, like me, we have to adapt to it and figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. Personally I’ve missed the odd lazy day, and of course meeting with friends for catch ups. My offline life is more important at this present time than my online presence here. I’m ensuring that my mental wellbeing is maintained on the positive side of the equilibrium. I’m getting back into what I enjoy and seeing the key people in my life. From this, my skin is starting to clear up and I’m feeling happier about myself and life in general now.

Only you can make yourself a better person inside and outside. How can you achieve that if you don’t make time for yourself, socialise and do whatever makes you happy, such as baking, working out or travelling. Your body and mind will love you back mentally and physically if you show that love first. Just because somebody else if achieving a million things at once, it doesn’t mean that you should aim for that too.

Check out the following links if you’re struggling with your mental wellbeing, know someone who is, or just want to have a gander:


Mental Health Foundation

NHS Choices

We are ALL different from each other and are ALL super humans in our own right.

The Nutty Noodle


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