Nike Air Max Day: The Ultimate NIKEiD Experience

Perhaps the most iconic Nike trainer from the footwear range, the Air Max has accumulated a cult following. Even more so, there’s a specific day to celebrate the Nike Air Max!

Today, 26th March is the date! To celebrate the 29th anniversary in 2016, Nike have gathered their top three visionaries to showcase their creative talents with limited edition shoes designed just for this day. Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker (HTM) contribute with the Air Max LD-Zero H, Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T and Air Max Ultra BW M, respectively.

I was lucky enough to join Nike London for the Ultimate NIKEiD Experience. When Nike mean ultimate, they mean it.

I was collected from my address by a chauffeur in a super eye catching vehicle. Step aside black saloon car, an electric blue BMW i8 is in right now. I definitely wasn’t expecting this amazing car to pick me up! As I was travelling straight to the airport after this event, I had my suitcase and hand luggage in tow. What I did expect was a boot, oh was I wrong. My driver Ben however did a great job and managed to squeeze my case into the back seat.

Having only seen the vehicle from the back, I was so intrigued why so many people on the streets of London were snapping away at the car! After struggling to figure out how to open the (lifting door), it was now easy to understand why the car looked different once we arrived at Niketown.


I was greeted by my own personal NIKEiD team member Dom, who was kindly also a porter for my suitcase to the Sneakers Cube. Here I took my seat in front of an iMac and watched a story unravel. Dom introduced me to the HTM range and the inspiration behind each trainer.

To carry on with the ultimate experience, I was given the opportunity to design my own Nike Air Max.


I chose to collaborate with Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max 1. Hatfield’s Air Max 1 is inspired by Centre Pompidou in Paris, France after seeing the translucent exterior design of the building.  Just for Air Max Day, one of the options for the upper is a criss cross pattern (as seen above) to honour the roots of the shoe.

With the guidance of Dom’s expert knowledge, I was able to put a design together using the custom pallette for my NIKEiD Air Max 1 shoes. I actually had a play around with the design process whilst Dom went to get some sizes for me to try on, as I usually buy kids sizes for my tiny feet! The end result I really liked, more than my first attempt!

After deciding on what design I wanted for my Air Max 1, my order was submitted and I was presented with a limited edition Tinker Hatfield 3D printed Air Max 1 trainer! I had a mad dash around the Niketown displays before rushing off to Gatwick for my international flight, which I JUST made.

This event was definitely THE ultimate NIKEiD experience! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I can’t wait for my Air Max 1 T iD to arrive fresh from the factory and show you my new kicks.
In the meantime, head down to Niketown if you can and explore the Air Max Day festivities in store from a Jason Markk shoe cleaning service, Nike Performance Stylist 1:1 session and to check out Masters of Air with Stevey Ryder– his top 25 Nike Air Max trainers from his own collection. Or even better, try collaborating with HTM and the Air Max range or buy the limited edition HTM Air Max trainers! Find more information at Nike London and Nike Air Max Day.

The Nutty Noodle

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