Meet Evian Fruits and Plants


Evian, a global classic brand of natural mineral water. Sourced from the Alps, the brand has given themselves a makeover. Step into the limelight, Evian Fruits and Plants.

Keeping to the healthy living ethos, the new line of Evian product is made from a concoction of their mineral water, natural fruits and botanics.

No added sugar or additives are found in these flavoursome waters. A great addition to any lifestyle to promote drinking more water!

Currently there are three flavours: Lemon and Elderflower, Raspberry and Verbena, and Grape and Rose. Personally, the Raspberry and Verbena is my favourite of the three. It’s sweet enough for to satisfy my sweet tooth, and the flavour combination works perfectly. Futhermore, verbena is a type of plant reportedly to have high antioxidant value, even more than blueberries!

Available exclusively to Liberty until 31st March, before a roll out to other retailers.

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