To Spin or Not To Spin?

As early as I can remember, I’ve loved bike riding. Whether it’s cycling to explore the sights, to get from A to B or even in my neighbourhood as a child. The freedom and control that you have whilst on a bike is what I love most. You pedal at a favoured speed and travel where you desire. My relationship with the bike now changes when it becomes fixed. Instead, a leisurely activity is turned into a spin workout.

For me, the music is a major factor as to whether I enjoy the spin class or not. When I workout, I have a few playlists that I can choose between depending on intensity or how much motivation I need to get me through the workout. So think about being in a small dark room, with people either side of you. The instructor will be telling you when to stand up,sit back down and turn up the gear but to keep in with the beat, you need good music. A great playlist is what keeps me motivated on the bike from start to finish.

Secondly I’ve found that how I perceive a class is purely instructor dependent. I need an instructor whose positive energy and enthusiasm is reflected onto the class in order to motivate me to push on through until the end.

Furthermore I don’t feel comfortable sitting on a saddle that’s going to give me a sore bottom, nor do I fully enjoy constantly sitting up and down. Give me a HIIT class and push me out of my comfort zone any day over a fixed bike.

Collectively the former two aspects of a spin class is what makes or breaks it. So far I’ve attended 4 classes in studios across London, with different instructors. I have a 50:50 enjoyment record. If I have the right instructor and playlist, bingo. I don’t force myself to enjoy spin nor make it my go to workout, however I do want to find the right studio/s and instructor/s. If I had a 0% enjoyment for all of the classes I’ve done, then I would have given up and left spin out of my repertoire.

It’s okay to be a fitness fanatic and not like every workout available. You may prefer weights over running, or spin over HIIT. Find what exercise suits you but more importantly, do what you enjoy. The last thing that you want to be doing is loafe active living.

We’re human. There’s always room for trial and error.

The Nutty Noodle

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