A Homemade Nut Milk Convert

Nut milk is becoming a favourite non-dairy milk alternative, not just with vegans or those with dairy intolerances and allergies. Since I’m lactose intolerant turned vegan, turning a food packet over and reading the list of ingredients has become second nature to me. What surprises me is the actual percentage of nut used to produce a 1L carton of milk.

Take almond milk for example. Typically there is only 2% of almond in each of the store-bought cartons, along with other ingredients which you may not otherwise use. Quite shocking isn’t it?
I’ve wanted to make my own nut milk for a while but I’ve been bowled over by the convenience of ready-made nut milk. Well lucky for me, I won a Hopps and Woolf nut milk maker last month.

It’s only been a week since I started to use this machine; I’m already hooked! It’s so quick, simple and non-messy! Not only does it make nut milk, you can make chunky or blended soup in this little gadget.

With everything that’s homemade, you can play around with ingredients and flavours of the milk you desire. So far, I’ve made plain almond milk as I’ve been living off smoothies this past week due to a cold. I can’t wait to experience with different flavours and nuts!

Do you make your own nut milk? What is your favourite flavour combination?

The Nutty Noodle

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