Nike Tech Pack Edition

Winter means cold and wet weather is upon us. It’s now that time of year to stock up our wardrobes with garments to shield us from the elements. A tailored coat is not for everyone, lucky for you Nike have got you covered.

I was one of the lucky few to attend the Nike Tech Pack Armoury in London; a secret location armed with many surprises. Showcasing their Winter 2015 range, Nike allowed us to test their jackets and footwear against the conditions we encounter at this time of year.

Through a series of rooms reenacting wind, rain, snow and heat, the Tech Fleece Aeroloft Bomber and Acorra SneakerBoot I wore definitely lived up beyond my expectations. Never too cold or too warm, and my feet stayed dry after dipping them under a curtain of trickling water. My favourite part of the Tech Pack Armoury had to be the wind tunnel. Yes the manual wind did put my bomber jacket to the test. But were you aware the pod doubled up as a blow dryer to get rid of all the ”snow” in your hair? I certainly did!

After handing back the beautiful black jacket and shoes, Nike were very kind enough to amaze us with some goodies of our own! I received the Grey Aeroloft crop jumper and Nike Flyknit Chukka SneakerBoot.

I’m not usually one to travel around London in sportswear but this jumper is absolutely stunning. Not only does it compliment my activewear but the jumper also keeps me warm enough to wear a sports bra alone underneath. Yes that even includes these chilly days we’ve experienced in recent weeks. I’ve yet to try the hurricane like weather however! I’d definitely wear an extra layer under or over the jumper for sure.

Thank you very much Nike for the invitation to attend and experience the Nike Tech Pack Armoury. Whilst learning of the new technology used for the Winter’15 garments, I had a brilliant time in your playground.

The Nutty Noodle

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