Nike Daylight Saving Run

Photo: Nike London

Yes the rainy cold days are here to stay and the clocks have gone back one hour to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time. The end of 2015 is nigh, hello Winter! I was lucky enough to join Nike London for a special one-night only run. Starting at 1am and finishing at 1am, the 5k run we ascended on around the Southbank of London was our idea of making the most out of the invisible hour.

This event marked my first time stomping the pavements of London in a whopping 10 weeks. Having re-injured my shoulder whilst running, it’s been the last thing I’ve wanted to do before a full recovery. Seeing familiar faces, lacing up my trial of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 19, a supportive shoe which provides a smooth and stable ride, and pulling on my long-sleeved Nike Run Club t-shirt I felt ready to tackle the night in true NRC style, with fun and showmanship.

Armed with a wireless colour-changing band on our wrists and glow sticks, we ran to Tate Modern and completed a series of agility drills before resuming across the Millennium Bridge and along the river bank towards Westminster. Soaking in the night-time perspective of the city reminded me of how beautiful London is.

To my surprise, I was near enough back to my usual running pace. I aimed for a slow run but with great company, this went out of the window. Time definitely does fly by when you’re having fun. But more importantly, my shoulder survived the 5k. Result!

There’s no doubt that I do miss running, whether it’s on my own or with Nike Run Club. I’ll remain cautious of my shoulder and what workouts I continue to do whilst it’s not fully recovered. Continue to find me a yoga, Pilates and Lagree classes until further notice. In the mean time, I hope you ‘Get Out Here’ and explore your city through running.

Don’t let the cold or dark days be an excuse.

The Nutty Noodle

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