Studio Lagree: here to stay?

With an influx of fitness studios in London, from bootcamp to yoga to boxing, there is a workout for everyone. Despite this, there is a constant demand for quick yet effective results. An entirely different concept from the US has now landed on UK soil. Enter Lagree Fitness.

Founded in 2001 by Sebastien Lagree, the Lagree Method provides an innovative and results driven full body workout, boasting high profile fans including Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston.

This celebrity and top athlete favourite has now landed in the UK. Studio Lagree have just opened in two locations, one in City the other in Guildford.

Commenting on the UK launch, Sebastien Lagree, says: “With more than 200 global operators across 15 countries, we’re excited to finally be adding sites in the UK to the family. The general public today are incredibly savvy when it comes to fitness – demanding workouts with proven results that work around busy lifestyles.”

The Megaformer™ M3S is the latest and 5th design of the Megaformer™.

Lagree has specifically designed the machines, Megaformers™, to provide a system of resistance and counter-resistance to place muscles under constant tension. Each intense 50 minute workout incorporates core, balance, strength, cardio, endurance and flexibility. Exercises are performed at a slow and controlled pace, to activate slow twitch muscles fibres that build a long and lean physique.

“The principles of the Lagree Method are that it works muscles to failure with very little rest,” the founder explains, “this results in a workout that burns maximum calories in a short time, whilst also developing significant muscle tone and strength.”

Backed by the most cutting edge fitness science, Sebastien continues to create concept fitness machines that will expand the experience of fitness to a level never explored before. He holds a patent for the Proformer™ and the later design, Megaformer™.

To celebrate the launch of Lagree Fitness in the UK, Studio Lagree UK is offering free classes up until Sunday 8th November. Get booking your free class and experience Lagree Fitness for yourself here.

Having tried the Lagree Method whilst on holiday in Hong Kong at H-Kore, I was definitely sore to the core but I was hooked. I’m delighted that this concept has finally landed in London. Studio Lagree had been added to my fitness studio roster. I was lucky enough to book into a class taught by Sebastien earlier in the week. This was a privilege to meet the founder and understand his method in person.

With Sebastien Lagree himself.

50 minutes on the Megaformer™ is just completely different from any other class I’ve attended. Even though it’s no HIIT workout, be prepared to shake, sweat and feel the burn.

Could this be the workout you’ve been waiting for?

The Nutty Noodle

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