An Enlightening Visit to Vegfest London 2015

Vegfest. The only event where vegans and vegetarians can go and enjoy a day out without being surrounded by animals. In fact the event is for anyone, herbivores or not! It’s all in the celebration of cruelty free, environmentally friendly and sustainable living.

The stalls at Vegfest London are evident of raising awareness of conscious living. From kitchen appliances to health and beauty products through to societies such as Greenpeace.

With on-the-door tickets completely and with a sea of people waiting outside Olympia on Saturday, was this a sign of success for Vegfest? Definitely so. A record number of around 12,000 attendees visited Vegfest over Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately I didn’t make the talk with Christine Vardaros, a vegan cyclist, on Saturday. Personally this would have been an absolutely fantastic talk to attend due to being a vegan and living an active lifestyle.

I was set on getting lunch from Happy Maki. Their menu is basically 4 choices of maki roll with mock meat options and fillings served in a nori sheet and rice. At the Nike Women’s London 10k run, I had the opportunity to try Happy Maki. Since June, I’ve been wondering why have these tasty rolls of goodness been missing from my life. I think a permanent location for this mobile catering brand is required ASAP.

One of the aspects of events with food stalls is free samples. All of the samples!! At least eating my lunch before cruising around the stalls helped me curb the temptation. Well so you would have thought.

Walking around you also see other visitors munching away on foods that intrigue you. This is what exactly happened when I saw a lady beside me eat a towering piece of something chocolatey. A turn around the corner and behold! Ms Cupcake. Heaven was in front of my in the form of Nanaimo bars. I’ve never seen these before and that’s because they originate from Canada! Ms Cupcake has created these with a chocolate coconut biscuit base with a custard filling and a chocolate top! ‘m not going to lie, it felt like the treat was the size of my face. This is where the phrase “stuffing my face” is applicable. Lunch and dessert sorted.

I perhaps found my new favourite alternative milk. Provamel’s rice-coconut milk is light and refreshing with a taste that is versatile in all cooking. I was devastated to hear Provamel were not selling at VegFest. A point worth taking on board next year folks!

Some brands I was aware of previously either from buying personally or from blogger events. Sharing my favourites with vegan company for the day was great. For example the tomato and basil pizza kale crisps by Inspiral. These are my new favourite ready to eat kale chips- raw and organic! It’s a good job I stopped by as they also have coconut chips. The raspberry flavour blew me away. A great addition to porridge, smoothie bowls, or to snack on straight from the bag.

An absolute favourite stall of mine who are at a lot of food events are Nakd. You can’t go wrong with a wide selection of Nakd bars and Trek bars available to you. I always stock up and take a few pick and mix boxes home. They’re great pre or post-workout snack as the base is made from dates. Hello natural carbs.

My attendance last year was fairly lonely. I didn’t know anyone who was vegan/vegetarian who was interested in going to VegFest, or a health nut as a matter of fact. Since starting my blog I’ve met so many people who share common interests or lifestyles as myself. I’m really glad I got to share my day with Ambra of Vegan Quake and Lovey of The Herbivoire Chef. A day of veganism, sharing our views and just general banter made my trip worth while. Despite not going to any talks this year, my company made up for that.

My haul of goodies from Nakd, Provamel, Koko, Inspiral, Of the Earth Superfoods, Pana Chocolate, Sea Shepherd

Not everyone is a fan of lifestyle events but from someone who regularly attends a mix of shows, Vegfest is definitely near the top of my list. To me, Vegfest is more than an expo. Perhaps it’s the ability to constantly learn about consciousness and be mindful whilst at and post-attending the expo. Yes you can buy discounted goods, try new brands and understand the ethics behind brands. But there’s also the opportunity to delve deeper into a lifestyle and listen to why or how they can benefit not only us but animals, environment and the Earth.

The organisers have already identified and addressed controversy surrounding this year’s Vegfest event which can be read here. I can’t wait to attend next year (October 8th and 9th 2016) and see how the organisers review the event and see their attempts to strive forward.

These are my personal highlights of Vegfest London 2015:

Top to bottom L-R: Nakd Wholefoods, Pana Chocolate, Pudology, Ruby’s of London, Mr Nice Pie, Sea Shepherd
Top to bottom L-R: Ms Cupcake, Happy Maki, Provamel, Aduna


Vegfest UK

Pana Chocolate


Ruby’s of London

Sea Shepherd


Koko Dairy Free

Of the Earth Superfoods

What were your favourite brands at Vegfest London?

The Nutty Noodle

All views in this review article are my own.

3 thoughts on “An Enlightening Visit to Vegfest London 2015

    1. You’re welcome Deborah! There’s just such an amazing atmosphere that connects everyone together. If you do have the opportunity to in future, I definitely recommend attending VegFest. I do wish we had more veggie/vegan festivals, lucky you!! 🙂


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