Taking a Holistic Approach to Injury

If you follow or read my blog, you’ll be aware that I suffered an elbow/shoulder injury in May. I spent a gruelling month out on the sidelines to let my body heal and to ease the shoulder pain.

One thing that’s now clear is that I have probably rushed it back into action and overdone my workouts. The previous two weeks have been an absolute nightmare as I was starting to get back into weight training and increasing my running speeds and distances post-injury and post-holiday.

Since aggravating my shoulder running two weeks ago, I’ve found I can’t run without the onset of pain. With the running and HIIT bug, it’s frustrating to see photos of run clubs and people doing fitness on social media because I know I can’t be part of it. I’m even afraid to lift anything heavy in case I do more damage than good. So that’s hasta la vista Barry’s Bootcamp!

As I have a busy life working shifts in a hospital, exercise is my outlet and free my mind and body from tension and negativity. So what can I do?

I’ve turned to holistic workouts such as yoga and reformer pilates. With light intensity exercise focused on strengthening and toning, I’m without fear of the aching pain. This was a perfect time to start my Somuchmore studio pass!*

Currently I’m partially okay with body weight exercises, with adjustments in place when I need them. Otherwise the movements on the reformer and on the yoga mat are great for non-weight bearing exercises on the shoulder. Likewise with barre! I’m still a newbie to the holistic side of fitness but it’s a journey that I’m enjoying and I can’t wait to see what else I get up to during my recovery period.

Ideally I should be resting conpletely but my job isn’t all light duties so realistically that’s out of the window. I still have my sanity and keeping somewhat active.

Keep an eye out for a blog post coming soon on different studios around London that I’ve been to and recommend.

Just out of curiosity, who else has had a shoulder injury and what would you recommend doing in the interim to stay active and maintain balance in life?

The Nutty Noodle

* Somuchmore allows you to visit many studios across London (and countries within Europe) for £89 per month. Whether it be yoga, TRX, spin, dance or HIIT there’s something for you. Sign up for your free 14 day trial and get £25 off your first month with the code MOREJENNI. 

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