Lost in Hong Kong

I’ve been in Hong Kong now for 6 days. I haven’t had a Western vegan meal for 7 days. I knew being vegan and travelling to Asia would be difficult. Primarily because Hong Kong is known for its meats and seafood! There’s fresh markets everywhere you go. The upside of markets is finding lots of fruits and vegetables thus following a raw diet is easy.

I struggled to find beans/legumes/ such as chickpeas, kidney beans, quinoa. As an active individual I incorporate these forms of protein to enable a healthy balanced diet. When I arrived, I was eating tofu three days in a row for protein and I got bored of it.

This was until I stumbled across an organic shop whilst shopping. Here I found millet, white and black quinoa, dried fruits and different oils. I felt the tables flipped. I’ve been into two supermarkets since then and found lots of health/vegan products. I even found some mock meat! Oh and avocados. Oh avo.

I went into a sauce shop and found vegetarian oyster sauce and vegetarian chicken stock. An alternative to two staples of Hong Kong cuisine. Winning!

The only thing I want now is some yogurt. My eyes can’t seem to find any in the supermarkets (Wellcome, Taste, Marketplace and Aeon). Can anyone be so kind and tell me where I can find some soya yogurt please?

I’ve yet to go to a veggie/vegan restaurant but otherwise eating out so far has been such a challenge.

I’ll post up photos of my journey in a future post. I’m just too excited to share with you my finds!

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