Queen of the Court

Nike UK

It’s not everyday a 20-time Grand Slam singles champion comes to play tennis in a neighbourhood away from Wimbledon during The Championships.

To celebrate the launch of Wimbledon 2015 and get the public back in that Wimbledon Fever, Nike have created a vibrant space at Tanner Street Park, presenting NikeCourt Club London. Over the course of the week Nike have offered free tennis, yoga and fitness sessions. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, the classes are now all booked up. Fret not, the pink and blue court will be here to stay. In partnership with the LTA, Nike will continue to provide tennis to the community.

I had the lucky opportunity to attend Nike’s event with none other than Serena Williams. I was completely esctatic when I found out! Serena and Venus have been two of my idols since I was a child. In fact, I picked up their book “How to play tennis” to be play like the sisters.

Whilst waiting for Serena to arrive, we practiced our tennis skills through drills and cardio tennis in the gleaming sunshine. Think rounds of burpees, planks and tuck jumps alongside forehand and backhand practice.

The queen of modern tennis finally arrived during the hour of training. After much anticipation, myself and other ladies and gentlemen got to see Serena in flesh! Sitting no more than 5 meters away, a Q&A got underway. Did you know that Serena washes her trainers without a pillowcase?! She also opts for pancakes the morning after a night out; great minds think alike.

We had the opportunity to hit some balls with the World Number 1 herself. Oh the excitement on the court was unreal. Honestly, I was terrified in case I’d make a fool out of myself in front of everyone. Thankfully I didn’t. I managed to return her serve over the net! A few individuals managed to get a rally going with Serena, as the rest of us watched in awe. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I did have multiple fan girl moments during the day. Especially when I managed to get a photo opportunity with Serena.

The main focus of this event was for Serena to present the new NikeCourt Flare tennis trainer. Designed by Nike with Serena as the focal point, the NikeCourt Flare takes a tennis shoe to a whole new dimension. This all white shoe has a low profile and features a neoprene ankle strap for extra support and stability.

I got the chance to try these lighter and more flexible tennis shoes. Unlike previously when I’ve sustained ankle injuries, the ankle straps of the NikeCourt Flare provided that extra stability I’ve been needing during quick movements. A lightweight shoe with minimal design, it’s not hard to see why they’re Serena’s first choice shoe.

Launching on the 8th July, pre-order your NikeCourt Flare tennis shoes here. Keep up-to-date on Twitter with @NikeTennis @NikeUK for NikeCourt Club news.

Does the NikeCourt Flare spark the beginning of a new generation of tennis shoes?

The Nutty Noodle

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