Roberts Berrie is Berrylicious

With a hectic work schedule, I’m always on the hunt to maximise my nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals with minimal effort. I am a massive fan of juices and smoothies as you can customise with as many fruits, vegetables and powders you want.

I recently tried a brand new player to the smoothie market. I present to you Roberts Berrie smoothies. Made using the skin, seeds and flesh of Northern berries, Roberts Berrie drink ensures you get all of fibre and vitamins you would get when eating whole berries! Easy to drink and easy to take around with you, they’re ideal for anytime. With a shelf-life of 8 months these products are perfect for snacking, in your gym bag, road trip or even picnics!

Naturally sweet from the berries and fruit used, these drinks are suitable for any special diets. Oh and if that doesn’t win you over, Roberts Berrie is dairy free, gluten free and vegan!

This is literally all of the goodness from a homemade smoothie in a handy carton!


Loving all things sweet, the Wild Blueberry flavour is my favourite of the trio. This is not too sweet and there’s none of that artifical blueberry flavouring bouncing around in your mouth. It’s also a fruit I usually have in my fridge or freezer to make smoothies so my taste buds are definitely most accustomed to this one. For those who have a taste for sharp flavours, sea buckthorn-apricot and lingonberry-cranberry are for you.

The texture is like a homemade smoothie with the bits of skin and a thicker texture than most shop-bought smoothies. Although they’re handy as a to-go drink, you can also be creative with them.

I recently made a smoothie bowl using Roberts Berrie as it was too early in the morning to be using a blender in my house. I mixed in a few spoons of soya yogurt, added my toppings and voila! 

If you want to give Roberts Berrie a try, head down to Just V Show/Allergy Free show at Olympia, London 3-5th July. Get free tickets and more information here

Where will your Roberts Berrie take you?

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