Interview with ADAY

  We’re all guilty of going from a workout straight to work or social events with a massive bag full of clothing. With the modern women in mind, Meg He and Nina Faulhaber have created a solution for our wardrobe worries and spontaneous living. ADAY.

A concoction of strong fashion backgrounds and active lifestyles in the team, ADAY directly know what you and I are looking for in ready to go, sports luxe clothing. If this isn’t enough, the fabrics used combat sweat, bacteria and UV damage. Amazing huh?

Smoke It Up sports bra, Throw and Roll leggings
Run the World jacket

Just 1 day until launch day, I caught up with Meg and Nina to find out more about this new fashion brand and the two ladies themselves.

Tell us about ADAY

Meg: ADAY is a women’s active ready-to-wear brand that combines your work-out and wear-out wardrobe into one. We don’t compromise and we don’t expect the ADAY customer to either, If you are going from NY to LDN, or from yoga to drinks, then you don’t need to plan or think ahead about what you’re wearing.

Nina: It’s about ease and efficiency, slip something on and get moving. We combine high-tech performance fabrics with sleek-sharp silhouettes to work to your advantage all throughout your active day- you just worry about where your speeding to next and we take care of the big stuff.

How did the concept of ADAY come about? 

Nina: We both lived a super active lifestyle both professionally and privately – it was just generally active, running around town, to meetings, to lunch, to the airport. We both realised that we were bringing these huge bags to work every day with our gym kit shoved in them, then at the end of the day we would rush to change and get to our workout class. Or if your plans changed mid-day from dinner to a workout and you didn’t have your gym kit with you it would be super annoying.

Meg: We thought, there has to be a solution to this? We both had a lot of experience in technology and consumer internet – so we knew if in the modern world we live in, there is an app to make everything easier and quicker, then why can’t there be a brand that keeps up with you as you speed through your day. We wanted clothes that we could wear into the office, to the gym and then out with friends in the evening, so we made them. We started ADAY in May last year, and are so happy we found Charli Cohen and convinced her to become our Fashion Creative Director.

Currently there are a lot of activewear brands on the market. What differentiates ADAY from others? 

Meg: We feel like we know our customer like the back of our hand, where she eats out, where she works out, where she takes her vacation. We created ADAY as solution to a problem that was stopping us living our active lifestyle, and we know there are tons of women out there who want the same.

Nina: ADAY provides the customer with a transitional wardrobe, we aren’t one or the other. So it’s not like the ADAY women has to buy one piece for the gym and then shop for another piece to wear to work. Wear what you want, where you want and when you want to. ADAY is there to work around you, kind of like shopping with your best friend who gives you all the best advice on what to wear and what makes you look and feel good.

The Late or Never jumpsuit is just one of the ADAY pieces that makes an easy transition from workout to fun

What is your favourite thing about working for ADAY?

Nina: We have an amazing founding team that work with us, made up of awesome women – and one awesome man. We all work so hard together and it’s great when we see the rewards of everyone’s work, it creates a great atmosphere.

Meg: We get to meet so many amazing and inspirational people, through our Wander guide and through reaching out to our ADAY community. We are so honored when bloggers take the time to write about us on their website, it means people are actually talking about ADAY across the globe, which is what we love. Seeing ADAY featured in magazines such as WWD, W Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar US means so much to us, it also encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing.

What is your favourite ADAY piece?

Meg: It’s so hard to pick, my whole wardrobe is basically now basically made up of ADAY pieces that I wear everywhere, I like to think I’m the brands unofficial ambassador, like here.

Nina: The ‘Hail Yes’ track pants are great, they feel even better too. The Crash Cause crop top is a favourite amongst the office, it doesn’t cling to the body so it’s great if you over-do it at lunch. I’ve been there and done it, trust me it helps.

Crash Cause top, Throw and Roll leggings
Smoke it Up sports bra, Hail Yes trackpants

What does a typical day consist of? 

Nina: In a startup company like ours, there is no such thing as a typical day. Especially year since we started ADAY has been an exciting whirlwind where every day was so fun, challenging and inspiring at the same time. One day we would go to our first ever fabrics show in Paris and meet fabrics experts formerly at Lululemon to learn the inside outs of active fibres, the next day we would buy a flight to Portugal to pitch to the factory we now work with, and the next day we would do workouts with fitness bloggers to get their feedback on what they really want.

Meg: Now, during a typical day at ADAY in London, in one moment we’d be strategizing with four team members over one Instagram picture, in the next moment we’d be fitting new styles, talking to our warehouse or heading to a gym to review it for Wander, then marking up the build of our website and then candidates for a new role we have.

Nina: On a personal level, I love to get up early and my day always starts with a coffee, emails and a workout – and that’s the case for wherever in the world I am. I go running, do yoga and generally just do whatever I feel like doing. When I’m traveling, I love my morning run to explore or get back into the swing of the city – my favourites are running alongside the Venice beachwalk, or Hudson River in NYC. I also try to do a bunch of emails before I get to the office – as normally the rest of the day tends to get out of control (in good ways!) quickly.

Meg: My morning routine (and my sleep routine) is critical to me. I don’t drink caffeine, so a lot of the morning vices are out of bounds for me. As a result, I’m very focused on having the best sleep quality possible. I like to start off the day with some yoga or a mediation — I did my yoga teacher training in Palo Alto, CA, and it was transformational. I don’t enjoy heavy cardio in the morning on weekdays and prefer to save it for midnight runs. I will only look at my phone to check email.

Congratulations on the launch of ADAY! With a mid-year release, what does the rest of 2015 hold?

Nina: We have lots of fun plans! Even though we are from London, we haven’t properly launched the brand in London yet so we are very excited to see how people react on the other side of the pond. Stay tuned for more product soon, too: We have some beautiful summer garments coming out, and with Charli, Kelsey (our Apparel Product Lead) and product development team we are working hard on garments for the colder time of the year – here are increasingly working with a new category of fibres and new innovative ways that support our core thesis: Making our wardrobes fully active.

Do you have a fitness routine?

Meg: I don’t have a set fitness routine, it’s more a case of if I see a cool class that I want to try out then I’ll do it. I’m constantly on the go and moving from A-B so I guess that’s my everyday fitness routine, but I don’t pre-plan. When I lived in San Francisco I ran a lot, I still do but the views in San Fran are hard to beat.

Nina: I’m a morning person, so I’m up early and most days work out. If I want to be social or try new things I will fit in workouts daytime or evening – workout and juice is an awesome way to spend quality time with friends. Shoreditch House Flywheel classes are one my morning favourites as you can go at your own speed, I usually turn the dial down if the instructor isn’t looking. We all do that though, right?

How do you like to unwind when you have the opportunity to?

Nina: It’s all about balance, I like to think I don’t need to unwind from work as obviously my work is a huge part of my life and I enjoy it so much. So technically doing emails in my bed is unwinding 🙂 Things I love to do are traveling and exploring new places and spending quality time with my good friends wherever in the world this may be. I’m also addicted to being outside as soon as the sun is shining ideally going for a run and then strolling over the Columbia Road Flower Market in London or Abbot Kinney in LA, going to music festivals and when I’m by myself – I love to read read read.

For the busy women out there, what are your tips to leading a fit and healthy lifestyle?

Meg: Wear ADAY for start! No just kidding. You don’t need to work out every day and eat kale salads for lunch the entire week but leading a busy active lifestyle is so frequent in the modern world for most women, running for meeting to meeting or from the gym to meet your friends for drinks- you are already incorporating fitness into your lifestyle.

Nina: We’re not a brand that says to other women, here’s what to do to be healthy and fit. We think it’s important to find a good balance – but recognize everyone’s balance is different. For us it’s the little things – like taking the stairs and never standing on an escalator. Being healthy is important, but even the ADAY team enjoys their chocolate and glass of wine.

Follow ADAY on Instagram @thisisaday and Twitter @thisisaday. Check out the website for the chance to see a sneak preview of the collection and the opportunity to win a free ADAY kit!! Go on, we all love a freebie!

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