Chi presents the new raw and organic health drink

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Many of us enjoy this as a refreshing drink alone, add to smoothies or meals. A healthier alternative to some fruit juices, coconut water is naturally low in calories, sugar and is fat and cholesterol free.

Research has shown that coconut water is highly rich in potassium. This mineral is a vital electrolyte that allows our body to function normally, in particularly our nerve and muscle cells. Additionally, coconut water contains minerals such as sodium, magnesium and calcium which after a workout can replenish and rehydrate our body. If you’re after a low sugar drink, then this beverage is a healthier alternative to a sports drink.

I happened to go out grocery shopping when I stumbled across this little gem in Planet Organic. Right in the middle of the store, a shot glass of coconut water took me back to Thailand and sipping on coconuts in the glorious sunshine. Then I began to wonder why other coconut waters haven’t had the same effect.

The lovely Charlotte from Chi is at hand to give you details of this new health drink.

Chi have a new product on the market, raw coconut water! Nam Hom coconuts are deemed to be the tastiest coconuts in the world. Native to Thailand, the young coconuts are hand picked at six to seven months when the coconut water is at peak flavour and nutrition. Furthermore, these coconuts are farmed in a traditional method allowing them to be organic and fairtrade.

Raw you say? Instead of using heat to pasteurise the water, Chi uses high pressure processing technology. This process keeps the freshness and high content of minerals of coconut water. No need for preservatives, just 100% pure coconut water. When bottled, the water is clear. As this coconut water is raw, some bottles may turn pink. Fret not, it’s all natural!! Varying levels of anti-oxidants interact with light over time and causes the colour change. Anti-oxidants are good for our health and can help to prevent some types of cell damage such as cancer.

It is this combination of organic Nam Hom coconuts to manufacture raw coconut water that makes this Chi product distinctive to other coconut water you find on the shelves. As much as I love all of the coconut water you find in stores, there’s nothing better than drinking a refreshing beverage that literally takes you to Southeast Asia. As an organic, raw and fair-trade product, this Chi coconut water brings together health, environment and community. Is this the future for coconut water?

Find Chi raw coconut water in Whole Foods and Planet Organic- who have it on offer at the moment! Or head to one of their stores to taste it yourself, the demo team are there all summer!

Let Chi bring you the sun, sea and sand.

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