Put the fun back into…

…. Running. Running is a hobby I have gradually rekindled my love for. Whenever I get a day off from my shifts at the hospital, I like to wind down with an unplanned route around North London. I get to soak in my thoughts and surroundings and it’s great ”me” time. Since I moved from South West London to North London, I have lost my running buddies. It’s just me and my music now. I’ve been to running groups and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the company you have and you can talk about whatever you want. Personally it makes the distance of the run shorter than it actually is.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive Nike Women LDN Edit event hosted by the lovely folks at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch last weekend. This rainy Saturday morning consisted of a 5K run around East London. Earlier in the week I achieved a PB for a 7K run I did, so bearing this in mind I aimed to get a PB for this run. As we were a big group running around in traffic, this hindered my attempt. But what ultimately made me run a gentle pace and enjoy the run was from the company of Julz from Stronger Every Damn Day. Although we had spoken for a while after bumping into each other on a run in our area, this was the first time I had met her. More importantly it was our first run together!

A Vinyasa Flow yoga class followed to stretch us out. I am a beginner yogi, having started two months ago, and as a runner/active in dynamic sports I have found it difficult to adjust my body to the practice. Not your typical way to cool down after a run but it added some variation and giggles within the group.

Retreating from the cosy warmth to the breezy terrace, there was an opportunity to take those skyline photos and. Whilst relishing the panoramic views, this was a moment to catch up with some old faces and some new. One of the aspects of these fitness events that I absolutely admire is that you meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and professions but a common interest for health and fitness cohere us together. The majority of us turned up to Ace Hotel not knowing at least one person in the room. By the end of the morning, there was a much more dynamic spirit in the group in contrast to pre-run.

We tucked into our little bag of goodies. Unfortunately brunch consisted of a yogurt topped with granola and a flapjack bar. As I’m lactose intolerant and recently turned vegan, I didn’t refuel with these. I did however quest my thirst with a green juice.

A successful Saturday morning I have to say. I really enjoyed this Nike LDN Edit event and I am thankful to have been part of it. I’m grateful I got to run with likeminded young ladies and had fun socialising whilst working out. This is how most workouts should be. Not only for the company, but also because you motivate each other to be better than you believe. A bit of healthy competition never hurts.

I can’t wait to be running back with my run groups and carry on with my training for the Nike 10K. It’s only 6 weeks away!! As it’s a Nike event, head down to Niketown London at Oxford Circus (Monday’s and Thursday’s 6:30pm) for women only runs. All of these are tailored with a specific theme each week to get us stronger, fitter and faster for Sunday 21st June.

If anyone lives in North London, or free in Central London let me know if you’re interested in running/working out. It would be great to meet you!

Together, we are better for it.

The Nutty Noodle

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