Welcome to The Nutty Noodle

A new year, a new start?

As a massive foodie I am one of those people who have to take a photo of their food once it is on the table, followed by posting it on social media. For me, I was forever posting food pictures on my personal Instagram page. This happened for well over a year, possibly two. My friends would always say to me ‘All you do is post your food online.’ I decided to try and cut down on my posts but I just couldn’t help it. Being the foodie that I am is due to my Dad and all of his Chinese cooking.

After ending 2014 with a horrendous bout of illness that carried on into January of this year and finally having enough of my skin which is prone to breakouts, I decided to use food as my medicine. I already ate healthy meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables in my diet, however this time, I took it further. I chose to go vegan. From being an occasional meat-eater, seafood fanatic and an egg-lover, it was a bit difficult. But as I am lactose intolerant the whole dairy side was not a problem. My food habits were to change: what I would eat, where I would eat, who I would eat with.

This is where I had the idea of having a page for food posts to document to my friends that being vegan and having a plant-based diet is not boring nor bland. Additionally as a diary for myself of what I can conjure up in the kitchen using natural ingredients.

Healthy living has not only stemmed from my upbringing but also from academia. I’m a recent Sport and Exercise Science graduate with a passion for sport since I was in high school. I always tried to continue my participation through to college and university but I didn’t take up any of the opportunities given. Nor did I find the time to do anything else other than study, go to gigs/festivals and drinking with my friends. Now that I am on an impromptu gap year working in the NHS, I have found time for myself and exercise.

Following a brainwave, The Nutty Noodle was conceived. I constantly hear lots of excuses of not eating healthier and reasons for not staying active. The Nutty Noodle aims to undermine these perceptions and show that eating well and living an active life is not a luxury or impossible to achieve. I hope that it can inspire and motivate not only myself but maybe a few of you too.

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